How I Lost 40 Pounds With Project 10 Challenge By Visalus

Almost one year ago I was 40 pounds heavier than I am today.  Today we’re going to talk about how I lost that weight.

One year ago I was challenged by Shanna McDonald to lose 10 pounds.  Shanna’s challenge was very specific.  I was to utilize the Body By Vi Project 10 Challenge.  She said that in using this challenge that I would accomplish two things.

First, I would lose 10 pounds quickly and safely.

Second, by losing 10 pounds I would feed an overweight child for a month.

Now, to be honest I needed to lose a few pounds, but the thought of feeding an overweight child for merely losing 10 pounds intrigued me.

Shanna explained, that not only would I feed a child, but that for every 10 pounds I lost I would feed an additional child.

I found this incredible.

Shanna went on to explain that the company had served hundreds of thousands of meals to at risk kids using this program.

Well, how could I turn that down!

But wait there’s more.

She also explained that every time I lost 10 pounds I would be entered in a weekly drawing for $1000 cash and that I would be eligible for 10 weeks for every 10 pounds lost.

Now personally I am not a big reader myself and maybe you aren’t either.

So to save us both some time.  Here’s a video explaining how I lost the weight and how the program works.  Click Here Now

Lose 10 A Kid Wins


After studying millions of transformations, we believe that the secret to your Challenge success lies... in the first 10 lbs.

To help people reach this important milestone, we launched PROJECT 10—where every week, we award a total of $10,000 to 10 people who lose 10 lbs. or add 10 lbs. of lean muscle.

Plus, anyone who submits their PROJECT 10 results gets an “i LOST it.” t-shirt.

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PROJECT 10 Kids gives the Vi-Community an opportunity to share the benefits of achieving a healthier weight with the next generation. It takes our mission even further by helping overweight and obese kids make better nutritional and lifestyle choices for a healthier, longer life.


When you submit your PROJECT 10 results (either lose 10 lbs. or add 10 lbs. of lean muscle), ViSalus will donate 30 Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake meals to a child in need, through PROJECT 10 Kids. That’s a whole month of nutritious breakfast, lunch or snack options that will put an at-risk, overweight or obese child on the path to a healthier life. When you lose, they win.   Help a child now!  Click Here




Lose 10 lbs. -- or add 10 lbs. of lean muscle -- through PROJECT 10, then submit your results at


ViSalus donates 30 Vi-Shape Shake meals to an at-risk, overweight or obese child in the United States or Canada. Plus, we’ll keep donating every time you lose another 10 lbs. (or add 10 lbs. of lean muscle) and submit a new “i LOST it.” or “i BUILT it.” video!


You receive an “i LOST it.” or “i BUILT it” t-shirt with “And a Child Wins” on the back.


Help a kid now.  Click Here To Join




We’ll donate for you, too! ViSalus will give 30 shake meals for every person who has already submitted successful PROJECT 10 results. That’s a whole month’s worth of meals for a child in need thanks to you and PROJECT 10 Kids.


I accept the Challenge!   Click Here Now



You have seen 1000's of people on this page losing weight and getting healthier utilizing the Body By Vi 90 day challenge.  Month after month you have watched the amazing transformations.  To date over 3 million people have taken the Body By Vi 90 day challenge.  See what all the excitement is about.  Learn more


I just finished my first Body By Vi 90 day challenge.  I lost around 30 pounds and about 14% body fat.  I am now at a weight and body shape I haven't had since school. Listen as I telll exactly what I did and how I did it.  No starving... No gym membership.. no being miserable.  I am happy to share my experiences with you here!

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